Jackson Hole Travel & Tropical Medicine

Jackson Hole Travel & Tropical Medicine provides pre-travel advice, immunizations, and prescriptions for any travel destination in the world. We also provide diagnosis and treatment if you return from your travels with a travel-related medical condition. We have all travel-related vaccines in stock.

Each appointment is approximately forty-five minutes and covers immunizations, medications, travelers’ diarrhea, rabies, other disease risks, and—if relevant—malaria or altitude illness.

Please call: (307) 201-1480 to make an appointment.

Preparing for Your Travel Medicine Visit

After you’ve made your appointment, try to find any records that you have for previous travel-related immunizations. Some vaccines last for life, and some need to be repeated regularly, so knowing the dates of your previous immunizations will be a big help. Try to find out when you last had a tetanus booster (this may be listed as Td, or TDAP in your records).

Try to have the information about your exact itinerary available for your appointment. If you don’t have an exact itinerary, that’s fine, just let us know where you think you may be traveling so that we can give you the best advice we can.

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